Solution for Production

Integrated production management

Organize and control simply, quickly and efficiently all procedures and data in all phases of your activities: production, supply, accounting, warehouses, personnel, cost control.

With innovative 3D Coding and workflows technologies that assist in a unique way the production business procedures.

Our solutions provides a holistic view of your business that improves your production scheduling and costing and of course your efficiency and productivity indicators.

Case Studies

BALKAN CABLES specializes in the manufacture and production of cables, having experience and knowledge in the field of cables for over 20 years.

Their request

Managers wanted an easy, flexible and reliable system to improve the process of tracking production, simultaneously with raw material procurement needs and planned sales based on customer orders.

Our solution

With Clusters Cloud, our team created, in collaboration with the client, a system that was customized to their needs. The production process, based on the implementation recipes (BOM), also controls the stocks of raw materials with the possibility of immediate ordering or consumption from the stock. The costing of the manufactured products is automated, with the possibility of mark-up with a ratio of overheads. The supply chain and suppliers are managed with simple and automated documents that minimize time and effort, covering all processes, from order to delivery and with a wide range of customized forms and reports. Processing and movements are continuously monitored and provide a live picture of the warehouse, finances and sales, both overall and by segment. All information automatically informs the accounting department for complete accounting monitoring, as well as the management with detailed reports for decision-making.

Clusters Cloud - Modules


Our customers say...

"I have been using your apps for 20 years and have always had immediate support for every issue I have. I really like the products and our partnership. I highly recommend them at every opportunity."

"Easy to use, flexible and reliable program. It fully covers the needs of the business and is my valuable assistant. Excellent cooperation and support."

"We are happy with our choice. Clusters is easy to use and friendly. Ergon Iris's support technicians give us immediate response and solution to every question. The program was also evaluated very positively by our accountant comparing it with other software he knows."

"It is important for a user to have such a tool in his hands. The people at Ergon Iris are very knowledgeable, with a lot of experience and always gave me a solution to every issue I had. Great luck that our paths crossed."

"We have chosen Ergon Iris for their hnow-how and long experience. Now, our everyday work is fast, easy and efficient. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and our investment return."