Regulation for general data protection

Our solutions & GDPR

May 25 2018 - Application of the new European Regulation for General Data Protection

With the General Data Protection Regulation , widely known as GDPR , a common legal frame for the protection of personal data in the whole European territory is established.

This Regulation protects all European Citizen from any illegal, without owner's consent, use of personal data that could cause harm.

Personal data is any information that identifies individuals. These can be i.e. the name, surname, TIN, Social Secutiry Number as well as any other simple or sensitive information through which a person could be identified.

Every individual or legal entity, public authority, organization or other entity, regardless of size or sector that collects, organizes, inserts, stores, changes, searches, sends, compares, deletes etc - with or without the use of automated media - directly or indirectly, personal data is obliged to comply with this Regulation. Simple or sensitive personal data processing must follow determined, explicite and legal scopes for which owners of these data have given their consent.

Violation of safety that leads to accidental or illegal damage, loss, change, post without consent or access to personal data that have been transmitted, stored or submitted in any other way leads to penal or administative penalties. Imposed penalties are big and put into danger not only the entity's strenght but also their prestige and trustfulness towards clients and competition.

The Processing Responsibles owe to ensure the application of appropriate technical measures and security levels in the elaboration of such data exclusively for specific reasons and Data Protection Responsibles of an entity are obliged to inform in time the Authority in charge and the affected persons, in case of safety violation.

Ergon Iris is committed to respect and protect all personal data of its collaborators, especially their safety and protection. Our applications offer a reliable mechanism for the safety and accessibility graduation in personal data, with tools that are each time defined by the entity - user.


Data Bases used by our applications are exclusively installed in one unique central unit. Administration is managed exclusively from the entity's unique Responsible.

Active Directory

Our Applications provides possibility of limitation or/and exclusion of groups and users that the entity desires to have partial or zero access and users certification by the entity.


Through the server we offer the possibility of locking and exclusion of IP addresses that the entity desires not to have access at its databases.


In our applications, access is defined only for users that have a special personal activation code. Every user has its own unique access password/code. This password can have certain defined life duration and cease to work automatically after end of this life duration. Ergon Iris has access to the entity's data ONLY after the written consent of the Entity Responsible.

User Groups

With our solutions, the entity has the possibility to create user groups with specific access rights in its data bases. Groups or individual users can have access (insert, delete, edit, change) on in specific actions, information and data tables of the system, according to the rights defined by the entity.

Data Export

With our solutions, all data of the entity can be exported in various formats.

This option is exclusively permitted to the authorized users of the entity, for complience to the GDRP.