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30+ years of software excellence

ERGON IRIS was established in 1990 with headquarters in Thessaloniki.

Our exclusive line of products is top quality, high end technology software for companies and institutions in the public and private sector. Through our history, we have had over 1.500 satisfied clients and installations all over the country and abroad.

Our team is composed of outstanding professionals and scientists with long experience and know-how in software development and support services, that guarantee enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our vision

to create a consistent and stable environment for our collaborators, to improve and facilitate their work and help them get better and bigger.

Our mission

Quality, reliability, innovation and satisfaction for our customers and partners.

Our news

Version 2.7.40 of Clusters Project Management implemented a new feature of recording project planning (budget tasks, resources, equipment, personnel, other actions) and viewing project calendar in a selected interval.
New, integrated delivery order management system. Through flexible and customizable e-POS, it automates the relation: delivery company – store in an easy-to-use way.

Version 2.7.21 of Clusters Project Management implemented a new feature to manage subcontractor and general supplier budgets.

Version 2.6.94 of Clusters implemented a new feature Cashflow forecasts (receipts/payments). Both in financial management and budgets.

In version 2.6.90 of Clusters a new Procurement module is available for managing order requests and purchasing research based on supplier price lists.