Business Intelligence

Dynamic Data Analytics & Interactive Dashboards

Companies nowadays are forced to deal with a huge volume of information, necessary for the progress and often survival of a business in a more than ever complicated international market.

Digital transformation, new challenges, crisis and continuous changes in the markets demand flexibility, immediate reaction, drastic decisions and maximum exploitation of all available resources in a business. Traditional legacy IT systems do not have the necessary flexibility and "intelligence" to keep up with evolving business practice and frequently become a hindrance to reaction velocity and productivity.

Clusters BI & Data Analytics

Completes the Clusters on cloud series on the secure Microsoft Azure platform.

It provides a rich library of ready-made dashboards but also an innovative, "smart" tool for creating defined dashboards.

Without additional investment in cost and time to purchase and learn specialized BI tools, without multiple bridges and complicated connections. Anyway it works with Ms Power BI, Qlik, SiSense and more
In Clusters environment... easy, fast and simple.

Clusters dashboards integrated information is dynamic and automatically updated in real time . With the simple and flexible use of filters - multiple and complex - Clusters adapts to your own viewing and graphical display needs, without complicated and time-consuming searches, safely and reliably, leaving you free productive time for checking, troubleshooting and correct and quick decisions.

Clusters dashboards are interactive. Users with different responsibilities and interests can focus on extracting more or less data – depending on their needs – and share common and up-to-date information at the exact same time, without the need to use outdated printouts and reports or complex bridges and connections.