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Our expertise and high edge technology guarantee the efficiency of our solutions. Innovation, quality, reliability are our prime concerns for our clients. Either you are large or growing, we are next to you... To design, develop, organize, maintain and support, with functionality, simplicity and flexibility. We invest in solid collaborations and we rely on satisfied customers to built strong and effective relationships that lead to success.

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The new, modern and complete cloud business software

Considering that a cloud solution should not be a simple upgrade of an existing on premise system, we built from scratch Clusters. Exploiting intelligent technologies and innovative tools like AI, maching learning etc, we created a new system that reflects modern users' needs. It covers all business processes spectrum: production, supply chain management, accounting, financial management, CRM, HRM and BPM.
To ensure protection of your data, less investement and efficiency in your business.

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Atlas ERP

Edge technology, simple, responsive, intelligent

Using high edge technology development and support tools, the new Atlas ERP is a innovative software system that organizes and controls your whole business procedures from bottom to top, with a modular structure and combinations to suit your needs and size.
Flexible and user-friendly, time and cost reducing, company control and effectiveness increasing.

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Achieve your goals, simplify procedures, reduce risk, accelerate your digital manufacturing, warehousing, product agility and customer response


Organize your enterprise and your projects from top to bottom, through cost and time to increase your productivity, deliver in-time and live your success story


From front to back office, have a deap control of what you know best! How to satisfy your guests and gain profit for your enterprise!


Organize and deliver best services to your patients, without losing the control of your business!


Find the key to success with a flexible and simple ERP that adapts to your size and needs. Organize and control your business in every day work.

Our Success Stories

What our clients say...

"As a construction company, our main concern was to gain full financial and quantitative management of our projects and business. We wanted to optimize our procedures in our support departments as production, supply, accounting, equipment, HR & engineers.
We have chosen Atlas ERP of Ergon Iris because of their know-how and expertise. Atlas ERP has minimized our work, optimized our procedures and helped us achieve our goals for efficiency, consolidated information and a simple and flexible single operation environment in our company, projects, production unit and departments.
We are enthousiastic of our collaboration with Ergon Iris and the effectiveness of our investment.”

Jenny Fanara   KOKKINOS ATE


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