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Our expertise and high edge technology guarantee the efficiency of our solutions. Innovation, quality, reliability and satisfaction are our prime concerns for our clients. Either you are large or growing, we are next to you... To design, develop, organize, maintain and support. With functionality, simplicity and flexibility. With our experienced team of managers, consultants and technicians, our modern software solutions and high quality services!

We invest in solid collaborations and we rely on satisfied customers to built strong and effective relationships that lead to success!

Digital Services

Simply click and find our latest versions, FAQs, downloads and remote support

  • Connect and discuss with our experts your ideas & questions and exchange experience
  • Learn about new versions
  • Download free information material, manuals, ebooks, demos and ServicePacks

  • With a simple email at support@iris.gr you will get an immediate response to your questions from our team.

    Technical Support

    Simply call us and get support in your premises, in ours, remotely, on line, by mail

  • We emphasize on after-sales support services. You need the best and we know how to offer you optimal solutions respecting your needs.
  • Our products are constantly updated according to mandatory changes of laws and upgraded with innovative software tools.
  • Technical support is provided through telecommunication, remotely, by email or in your premises.
  • Consulting

    Simply use us and let us help you build your tailor-made ERP

  • You know what you want. We know how to give it to you.
    Collaborate with us to have the information system that better fits to your business and will continue to grow with you.
  • We transfer your old data into our new system and we deliver your new working environment up to date and ready to use.
  • We customize further your system according to your special needs (reporting, views, print outs, special functions etc).
  • Training

    Simply install our system and learn from our instructional experience

  • Learn not only the simple use but the philosophy, methodologies and functionality of Atlas solutions.
  • Endorse and discover new creative ideas for your business.
  • Our solutions are fully documented with on line help, detailed manuals and e-books.
  • Follow special training seminars we organize.