Data is becoming the new
raw material in production!

Atlas ERP for Production

Atlas ERP helps you organize and control your activities and data easily, effectively and on time in all the phases of your business procedures:production, warehouse, accounting, logistics, personnel, cost control, document processing, business intelligence.
It reduces costs and risks and improves time management and productivity.

Atlas ERP is the ideal specialized system for industrial companies. Complete, fast, user-friendly, flexible, affordable and efficient.

Transform your data into valuable information through flexible, efficient and real time views, reports and dashboards and take control of your business.

Simplify and accelerate your manufacturing performance and realize your business goals quickly and easily.

Our business experts and our over 30 years experience in developing and customizing business IT solutions will support you to reach your targets and turn your ideas into reality

Atlas ERP Production Modules


Run easily manufacturing process with multiple recipies & smart entries to perform and deliver production in time...

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Warehouse Mngt

Optimize your resources warehouse and track inventory, suppliers and distributors for forecasting & planning...

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Manage and control your production equipment status, performance and costs through production lines...

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Financial Mngt

Monitor information across multiple sources as production, accounting, payroll, inventory to optimize your costs...

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Use simple and flexible procedures, according to national & international standards and create profitability...

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HR & Payroll

Hourly, daily or monthly... manage your personnel and their payroll through production units and cost centers...

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Turn your data into real-time information, drill, combine,  visualize and share for successful decisions ..

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Manufacturing industry is one of the most complicated and complex industries in the world. Creating an agile business to tackle global challenges and competition, a business that can adapt as fast as changes occur is key to survival. To maximise profits, organisations need to simplify systems, reduce waste in production, waste of inventory and waste of time, in a few words they need solutions that provide insights that help them achieve their goals. For manufacturers, a system that encorporates ERP features and Business Intelligence can drill through data all across the supply chain – from orders and materials to production and shipping – and help you gain insight real-time information in order to react as soon as changes occur.

The success story of Samaras Trikaliotis

Our customer is a construction and production company with an ISO9000:2008 production complex for concrete and asphalt and a quality control laboratory for raw materials and products.

Their request

The management team wanted a solution that would link all its project sites and its production complex under a unique system. They wanted to streamline the whole spectrum of operations and procedures: production, warehouse, financials, cost control, accounting.

Our solution

With our Atlas ERP three-dimentional architecture and our team experience, we have customized a tailor-made solution for our client for control of its production procedure, optimization of its warehouse management and monitoring of its sales.
Collecting information from its production unit, Atlas ERP updates its warehouses, the availability of raw material and performs production cost control
All information is driven automatically to accounting and top management for controlling and efficient decision making.

Atlas ERP Modules

Warehouse Management

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