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Atlas solutions for Hospitality

Our solutions help you organize and control your activities and data easily, effectively and on time in all the phases of your business procedures:reservations, sypply food & beverage, accounting, warehouse logistics, invoicing, personnel, financial & cost control, CRM. document processing, business intelligence.

Atlas ERP is the only system that combines front and back office features in an integrated software
It encorporates innovative 3D Code and workflows technologies that support your company's and units' procedures.

Our applications are the ideal specialized systems for small, medium and large hospitality units - hotels. Complete, easy, user-friendly, flexible, affordable, effective.

Simple invoicing procedure: with a click the user enters the services and chooses payment method, looking simultaneously at the reservation, advance payment, client expenses and remaining payment. Flexible and easy-to-use calendar where the user has check-outs and check-ins, availabilities, reservations and cancelations.

Transform your data into valuable information through flexible, efficient and real time views, reports and dashboards and take control of your hotel business.

Our business experts and our over 30 years experience in developing and customizing business IT solutions will support you to reach your targets and turn your ideas into reality

The hospitality industry is one that has always been driven by customer loyalty. Today's hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. Hotels and online booking agencies need to make sense out of piles of unstructured data for sales, marketing and operations, understand consumer behavior, offer the best deals and prices and adapt to changing markets. The most critical component for success of the modern hospitality enterprise is its ability to take advantage of all available information with a flexible and integrated IT system that handles front and back office information and data in a unique user-friendly application.

The success story of DOMOTEL

Our costumer is a chain of 4 & 5 star boutique and lifestyle hotels with individual characteristics, architecture, art, history, culture for both business and leisure all around Greece.

Their request

Its management team wanted a solution to organize their supply and accounting procedures for all their hotel units in their individual departments. Having a third-party front-office hotel system, they wanted to combine data from both reservations and client records with financial and warehouse and have a whole picture of their business and of their separate units and cost centers like restaurants, bars, spa centers, ceremonies and congresses etc.

Our solution

Based on our Atlas ERP three-dimentional flexible architecture and our team experience, we have customized a tailor-made solution for our client for control of their hospitality procedures, optimization of their warehouse management and monitoring of their financials.
Atlas ERP automatically inserts everyday entries from the frontdesk hotel software, distributing services per hotel unit and department. For special product items as food, drinks etc, Atlas ERP has customized procedures for cost control and real-time information.
All information is automatically updating accounting and payroll entries and top management can have a consolidated view of the whole business for efficient decision making.

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