Big data is changing healthcare dramatically!

Atlas solutions for Healthcare

Our solutions help you organize and control easily, fast and efficiently your activities and data in all your business phases: supply, reservations, accounting, warehouse, personnel, financials, cost control, patient and incidents management, time management, document management, CRM, business intelligence.

Our applications are the ideal specialized systems for health centers, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare establishments, easy, flexible, affordable, effective.

Our solutions are valuable tools to manage logistics such as patient throughput, improve patient flow in triage and make better predictions. The idea is to organize and deliver best services to patients, without losing the control of business!

Our solutions are the only that combine back and front office operations in an integrated and complete system.

Our business experts and our over 30 years experience in developing and customizing business IT solutions will help you reach your targets and turn your ideas into reality

Healthcare is changing rapidly. The increase in volume of data is one of the most significant trends. Innovative software and business intelligence can help healthcare providers gain the insights they need to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve patient safety and outcomes. It is also very important for healthcare providers gaining more visibility into their financial operations, including identification of highly profitable and underutilized services, cash flow monitoring and compliance reporting

The success story of EVEXIA

Our customer is a rehabilitation center that provides modern healthcare services, equipped with medical nursing units, specialized medical and rehabilitation equipments and experienced personnel, treating patients with motor, cognitive and behavioral disorders.

Their request

Its management team wanted a solution that, besides the warehouse and accounting procedures, could monitor and control the financials of various clinics and patient cases. Having already a medical software system for patient records, they needed a system that could combine information from a third party product and the ERP and give them a unique view of their business, financials, supplies, cash management, HR and payroll as a whole but through clinics and patient cases too.

Our solution

Based on our Atlas ERP three-dimentional flexible architecture and our team experience, we have customized a tailor-made solution for our client to control its business procedures, optimize its medical inventory and monitor financials as a whole and for each clinic and patient.
All entries from their medical software are automatically inserted in Atlas ERP, with no extra work, update the accounting and warehouse system and are allocated to clinics and patient cases.
In this way, top management has a unique control of their business as a whole and their clinics and departments too and real-time information for efficient decision making.

Atlas ERP - Modules

Warehouse Management