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Trust your business to Atlas

Whatever your business size is, Atlas ERP is the system that adapts easiy to your needs.

It incorporates innovative 3D Code and workflows technologies that support in a unique and user-friendly way your business procedures in a unique mode.

It facilitates your financial and resource management, increases your productivity and decreases your operational costs. In an integrated and modern environment, organizes and improves your everyday tasks in all your units, from production to sales.

Atlas Advantages


Because it is a complete integrated system that, with no duplicate entries and links, supports the whole business procedure chain: production, warehouse, logistics, financial and cost control, accounting, personnel management, project management, CRM, business intelligence...
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Because it is tested, debugged from errors and is supported by a group of experts with know-how, to support you with direct solutions...
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Because it fits to your business size whatever this is and is customizable and adaptable to special additional requests.


ΓBecause it has a modern, easy-to-use environment, with many automated features and functions.


Because it is updated according to law changes.


Because despite its high efficiency, it has a low cost...
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..... more than 1.000 satisfied users

Atlas Modules

Our customers say...

"10 out of 10! I have been a user of Atlas ERP since the beginning until today. I can state unequivocally that he bridged all the misunderstandings between people who deal with technical issues and those who deal with finances in business"

"Atlas ERP is an easy-to-use, flexible and reliable program that perfectly meets the needs of my company."

"I have been working on Atlas ERP for many years, in many companies and I am completely satisfied. It is friendly and easy. I'm excited about the Excel-ix module!"

"We have chosen Ergon Iris for their hnow-how and long experience. Now, our everyday work is fast, easy and efficient. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and our investment return."

The success story of De Lux Kontelis

Our customer is a manufacturing and commercial company in Laundry and Home care products. With a wide range of items like clorine, alcohol, hydrocloric acid and its derivatives, detergents and plastic material, they collaborate with super market chains and smaller markets all over Greece.

Their request

The management team wanted a simple, flexible and reliable system to optimize their vast clientele management procedure and to better control their warehouse and production chain.

Our solution

With our Atlas ERP three-dimentional architecture and our team experience, invoicing is faster and more reliable, despite the complexity of clients contracting.
Warehouse chain and suppliers are handled with simple and automated entries that minimize time and effort, covering the whole circle from order to delivery and with a wide range of customized reports and forms.
Manufacturing, packaging and warehouse chain procedures are monitored constantly and provide a real-time view of production, financials and sales.
All information is driven automatically to accounting and top management with smart reporting for efficient decision making.

Atlas ERP - Modules

Warehouse Management