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Atlas ERP

Whatever your business size is, Atlas ERP is the system that adapts easiy to your needs.

In production, commerce, services.
It incorporates innovative 3D Code and workflows technologies that support in a unique and user-friendly way your business procedures in a unique mode.

It facilitates your financial and resource management, increases your productivity and decreases your operational costs. In an integrated and modern environment, organizes and improves your everyday tasks in all your units, from production to sales.

Why Atlas ERP....?


Because it is a complete integrated system that, with no duplicate entries and links, supports the whole business procedure chain: production, warehouse, logistics, financial and cost control, accounting, personnel management, project management, CRM, business intelligence... Learn more


Because it is tested, debugged from errors and is supported by a group of experts with know-how, to support you with direct solutions... Learn more


Because it is customizable and adaptable to special additional requests.


Because it has a modern, easy-to-use environment, with many automated features and functions.


Because it is updated according to law changes.


Because despite its high efficiency, it has a low cost... Learn more

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Atlas ERP Modules

Combine your own Atlas ERP!

Choose the modules that are suitable to your company needs and take control in your hands.

Warehouse Mng

Organize your real-time warehouse procedures with demand and manage your inventory...

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Run easily your production process with multiple recipies and automated entries..

Learn more


Manage and control your equipment and vehicles status, performance and costs...

Learn more

HR & Payroll

Hourly, daily or monthly... manage your personnel & payroll through cost centers...

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Perform with simple and flexible procedures, according to national & international standards...

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Financial Mngt

Drill information from your units, projects, centers and have a 360 degrees view of your business...

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Project Mng

Run your projects from A to Z with progress charts, resource efficiency and in-time performance...

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Turn your data into real-time information, drill, combin,  visualize and share for successful decisions ..

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The success story of SOL AE

Our customer is the biggest and oldest company of associated certified public accountants auditors in Greece and one of the largests in Europe, with over 5.000 clients in the private & public sector.

Their request

The management team wanted a solution that would handle separately its auditors' clientele and their separate auditions and other cases, aggregating however all under a unique financial and accounting system to control business efficiency.

Our solution

With our Atlas ERP three-dimentional architecture and our team experience, we have customized a tailor-made solution for our client for handling its auditors as separate business units with their clients and individual cases, gathering in real-time the information under a single business umbrella. In 15 years, SOL AE has used Atlas ERP to handle more than 70.000 cases of its numerous auditors group.
All information is driven with no double entries to accounting and top management for controlling and efficient decision making.

Atlas ERP Modules


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