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Solutions for construction

Integrated management &
cost control for projects

Organize and control simply, quickly and efficiently your procedures and data in all phases of your activity: project management from design to delivery, supplies, accounting, warehouse, personnel, equipment, scheduling, document management.

Manage your companies, consurtia, subcontractors, public and private projects. Accounting, Financials, Cost Control, scheduling, per cost center, groups and companywide.

Drill down and combine data from your projects and cost centers and turn them into real-time information.

Our solutions incorporate our 30 years of experience and know-how in the construction sector and are economic and efficient for our clients.
With innovative 3D Code and workflows technologies that support in a unique way the construction business procedures.

Select a solution on cloud or on premise, what better suits your company's infrastructure and needs.

Clusters ERP

Operates on cloud in the secure Microsoft Azure platform

Modern, innovative and integrated ERP system with CRM and BPM incorporated modules for complete software support of your company procedures.

Atlas ERP

Operates on premise in the client's local IT infrastructure (server/client)

Flexible and integrated ERP system. Structured in modules to adapt and extend according to your company needs.

Construction industry is one of the biggest and most expensive in the world, with hudge resources, personnel and data. According to international statistics of the sector, delays in delivering on-time projects exceed the 20%, material waste the 20%, additional after contract works the 10% and the overall cost may arise over the 80% of inital budget. Therefore, a constant and in-time resource management and cost control can make the difference and turn a project into a profitable one. Organizing well independent projects and the company as a whole, from bottom to top. reduces cost, losses and risks and increases your company effectiveness, productivity and on time delivery, thus leads to success.

The success story of KOKKINOS ATE

Our customer is a construction company, with activities in public and private projects, the exploitation of an aggregates quarry and a complex for the production of concrete and asphalt concrete.

Their request

The management team wanted a solution that would link its headquarters, all its group companies and consortia and all its project sites, its aggregates quarry and its production complex under a unique system. They wanted to streamline the whole spectrum of operations and procedures: production, warehouse, logistics, project management, financials, cost control, accounting, HR and payroll.

Our solution

With our Atlas ERP three-dimentional architecture and our team experience, we have customized a tailor-made solution for our client for control of its production procedure, optimization of its warehouse management and monitoring of its sales.
For its construction activities, through codification, we organized its project management from tender to delivery, its equipment activities, cost control and financials, its human resources management and payroll, through projects and cost centers.
All this information is driven automatically to accounting and top management of the whole group of business and efficient decision making.

Atlas ERP - Modules

Project Management
Equipment Management
Warehouse Management
HR and Payroll

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