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Integrated management &
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Organize and control simply, quickly and efficiently your procedures and data in all phases of your activity: project management from design to delivery, cost control and budgeting, accounting and financials, supplies and warehouse management, resource (material,personnel, equipment) management, scheduling and time chars, business processing and collaboration management, document management.

Manage companies, consurtia, public and private projects, subcontractors. Accounting, Financials, Cost Control, Project management. Resource and time scheduling information per project, cost center, groups of entities and companywide.

The absolute tool! More than 1.000 satisfied users.


Drill down and combine real-time information from projects and cost centers, share them from everywhere at any time, collaborate, avoid issues and resolve matters in time.

Our solutions incorporate 30 years of experience and know-how in the construction sector, are affordable and best investment return for our clients.

With innovative 3D Code and workflows technologies that support in a unique way the construction business or organization procedures.

Select a solution on cloud or on premise, what better suits your company's infrastructure and needs.


Modern, Integrated software

Operates either On Premise on your LAN or On Cloud in the secure Microsoft Azure platform

Combines ERP, CRM, BPM and Project Management under a unique umbrella for complete software support of a Design, Construction company, Public Services Technical Offices, Property Development and Management Companies etc.


High end technology. Simple and reliable

Operates on premise at the client's local IT infrastructure (server/client).

Flexible and integrated ERP system. Structured in modules to adapt and extend according to the needs of a Design, Construction company, Publice Organization Technical Offices, Property Development and Management Companies etc.

Our customers say...

"Because we have both design and construction activity, we used to use separate branded applications for financial / accounting management and to monitor our supplies and projects. The Ergon Iris system is complete, easy to use, flexible and reliable, it meets our needs and has become our valuable helper. Our cooperation is excellent and the support department deserves a lot of congratulations, as they are well trained and always available to offer their valuable help with immediacy, consistency and good mood."

"As a group that combines construction and production, we were interested in having easy and direct monitoring of our projects, our productive activity and a unified image of our businesses. Improve processes at our construction sites, production units, supplies, equipment workshop, staff, accounting and engineers. We chose Ergon Iris for the know-how and experience in the industry. We have now reduced the volume of our work, we have better organized our processes and we have achieved consolidated information in the individual departments and in the company. We are completely satisfied with our cooperation and the return on the investment we made."

"We have been using Ergon Iris programs since 1998, first with CRITERIA, then with Atlas and now with Clusters. I can state unequivocally that the philosophy of these systems has finally bridged the gap between economics and technology. The time saved by both of these areas is very important and for the benefit of their most efficient and effective work."

The construction industry is one of the largest and most expensive in the world, with huge resources, personnel and of course data. According to global statistical studies, delays in the delivery on-time projects exceed the 20%, material waste the 20%, additional after contract works the 10% and the overall cost may arise over the 80% of initial budget. Therefore, a constant and in-time resource management and cost control can make the difference and turn a project into a profitable one. Organizing well independent projects and the company as a whole, from bottom to top. reduces cost, losses and risks and increases your company effectiveness, productivity and on time delivery, thus leads to success.

The case study of BBK Construction Development

Our client is a technical company with contractor, construction and facility management object of activity.

Their request

Looking for an easy, flexible and reliable system to improve the process of monitoring company's projects, both for the economic activity and for the rest of its procedures (budgets, actions, documents, etc.).

Our solution

Clusters Cloud fully meets customer requirements. With its 3D Coding Technology it allows the registration and monitoring of financial data per project and project phases. With the technology of workflows, the system enables the introduction of actions related to the project, such as autopsy, problem, appointment, and so on. and tracking their development history. It also provides the ability to add documents, photos and any other files related to the project. With the Project Management module, users can enter structured budgets, for the value and time monitoring of projects. All financial information automatically informs the accounting department for full accounting monitoring either on a project basis or for the company as a whole.

Clusters Cloud - Modules

BPM - Workflows
Project Management

The case study of KOKKINOS

Our customer is a construction company, with activities in public and private projects, the exploitation of an aggregates quarry and a complex for the production of concrete and asphalt concrete.

Their request

The management team wanted a solution that would link its headquarters, all its group companies and consortia and all its project sites, its aggregates quarry and its production complex under a unique system. They wanted to streamline the whole spectrum of operations and procedures: production, warehouse, logistics, project management, financials, cost control, accounting, HR and payroll.

Our solution

With our Atlas ERP three-dimentional architecture and our team experience, we have customized a tailor-made solution for our client for control of its production procedure, optimization of its warehouse management and monitoring of its sales.
For its construction activities, through codification, we organized its project management from tender to delivery, its equipment activities, cost control and financials, its human resources management and payroll, through projects and cost centers.
All this information is driven automatically to accounting and top management of the whole group of business and efficient decision making.

Atlas ERP - Modules

Project Management
Equipment Management
Warehouse Management
HR and Payroll