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Atlas solutions for Commerce

Atlas solutions help you organize and control easily and efficiently your procedures and your data in all your business activity phases: warehouse, sales, accounting, logistics, personnel management, financial and cost management, scheduling, CRM, document management, business intelligence
With our solutions you have a holistic view of your business that improves contact with clients, suppliers and products selection, time management and scheduling and of course your efficiency and productivity indicators.

Our applications are the ideal systems for commercial companies. Complete, simple and flexible, affordable and efficient.

With our solutions you take the right decisions in time and you manage your company combining real-time information from easy and valuable dashboards and reports. Share and give your collaborators new incentives...

Our experts and our over 30 years experience in developing and customizing business IT solutions will support you to reach your targets and turn your ideas into reality.

The success story of De Lux Kontelis

Our customer is a manufacturing and commercial company in Laundry and Home care products. With a wide range of items like clorine, alcohol, hydrocloric acid and its derivatives, detergents and plastic material, they collaborate with super market chains and smaller markets all over Greece.

Their request

The management team wanted a simple, flexible and reliable system to optimize their vast clientele management procedure and to better control their warehouse and production chain.

Our solution

With our Atlas ERP three-dimentional architecture and our team experience, invoicing is faster and more reliable, despite the complexity of clients contracting.
Warehouse chain and suppliers are handled with simple and automated entries that minimize time and effort, covering the whole circle from order to delivery and with a wide range of customized reports and forms.
Manufacturing, packaging and warehouse chain procedures are monitored constantly and provide a real-time view of production, financials and sales.
All information is driven automatically to accounting and top management with smart reporting for efficient decision making.

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