The modern, integrated
cloud business software


Get inspired by Clusters

The brand new Cloud platform built from scratch to be your next generation software towards the digital transformation!

An integrated business logic system that serves as a unique umbrella for your company, no matter what its activities or its size is, because Clusters grows with your needs and bridges your whole spectrum of activities, from production and supply chain to sales, financials, accounting and cost control, CRM and BPM.

A fast, reliable and very user-friendly environment that saves you time, ensures security and eliminates IT infrastructure and maintenance costs as it only needs a simple Internet connection.

A flexible and adaptable tool that helps you start working smoothly from the very first moment – with intelligent automations and mechanisms – according to your size and needs, improving your business efficiency and everyday work, from bottom to top.

Clusters was built from scratch, with innovative technology and operates in the cloud, on the secure Microsoft Azure platform and in any operation environment (Windows, Mac, Linux), to develop speed and agility and accelerate your data processing wherever you are through all internet devices, connecting users, improving their direct collaboration and producing safe and useful information that focuses in better decision making across your business.

User experience
Discover the intelligent simplicity of Clusters with its sophisticated mechanisms that accelerate digital transformation and make your everyday work easy, fast and secure. Get enthusiastic with its simple completeness that embraces your whole spectrum of processes though a user-friendly interface.

Data management
Exploit and transform a huge amount of big data. No more entropy of massive, unorganized data. Filter data from various sources and enjoy real time information. Control and share data throughout all business levels, from top to bottom with same procedures and no duplicate transactions.

Info accessibility
Manage a complicated network of processes with a single, open platform. No more chaos, slow downs, reduced productivity. Clusters grows with your needs, adapts to your processes and is easily accessible. It bridges gaps and unifies procedures into a real-time continuous insight flow, wherever you are, through all internet devices.

Integration and Scalability
Combine different procedures under a unique cloud umbrella to control your whole business activities flow and integrate data in secure and scalable real time information simply and fast.
Clusters integrate your procedures in financial, accounting, sales, production and cost control.

Bring users together and automate collaboration through powerful workflows. Manage pending tasks, follow up assignment tracks and state progress and get notified for important actions to complete and deliver in time and with accuracy. Connect people to tasks and involve them into decision making and data entry processes to optimize business control.

Customize Clusters to ideally suit your needs and support processes no matter your business size. Quickly, easily, economically! Today, not tomorrow! Exploit its intelligence to unlock flexibility and innovation and provide a robust foundation for your business management solution. Grow and expand together in the long run, with solutions for now and the future!

Feel protected and secure with Clusters. High end Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure are used for the operation and storage of your data.
With users leveled embedded definitions, Clusters secure identity authentication and sign-in and manages users rights.

Cost saving
Reduce your IT costs with Clusters that completely supports your business procedures.

It is economically convenient as requires that you only invest in a steady Internet connection and pay-as-you-go!

Perpetual upgrading
At Ergon Iris, we keep our Cloud solutions continuously upgraded.

All upgrades, security fixes and new features are immediately updated and included in the annual subscription cost for all our users.

Your valuable partner!

Clusters ERP

Modern, flexible, secure!
An integrated ERP with unique cost control features.

Clusters CRM

Easy, simple, fast!
A powerful customer relationship management tool.

Clusters BPM

Innovative, efficient, smart!
A unique business process management system.

Clusters ERP



Cost Analysis

  • Financial Management. Revenues/Expenses, Receivables/Payables, Banks, credit cards, consolidated reports
  • Accounting, Asset Management according to Greek and International Standards
  • Supply Management, Sales and Purchases from order to invoicing, with flexible automations. Creditors/Debitors, Gross/Retail sales/purchases. POS. Price Policy.
  • Warehouse Management. Unlimited warehouse units/branches. Multiple logistic points. Serial numbers management, color-size, lots, pseudo items
  • Production Management with raw materials, Bill of Materials, cost control and overload allocation costs
  • Personnel Management and Payroll
  • Booking Management i.e. for hospitality companies, fitness centers etc.
  • 3D coding technology for simultaneous project and cost control management, without double posting
  • BI & Data analytics. Incorporated optimized dashboards for direct graphics visualization of ERP data. User-defined dashboards design tool, according to users needs.
  • Mobility. Access to ERP information from mobiles
  • Collaboration with CRM for financial data automatic updates of customers/vendors
  • Collaboration with BPM to exploit workflows features

Clusters CRM

Customer's Record


Data Analytics

  • Manages your Customers, Vendors, Collaborators with leads and respective contacts. Multiple Addresses, direct e-mails through Clusters
  • Manages Documents, Images and other files relevant to customers/vendors/collaborators
  • Manages opportunities, offers, contracts of customers, vendors
  • Fast and easy customers and vendors rating
  • BI & Data analytics. Incorporated optimized dashboards for direct graphic visualization of CRM data.
  • Mobility. Access to CRM procedures from mobiles
  • Collaboration with BPM for tasks assigments and follow-up of customers, vendors and collaborators. History of actions progress
  • Collaboration with ERP for financial customers and vendors data automatic updating, with useful dashboards and transactions history.

Clusters BPM


Follow ups

Dashboard activity

  • Workflows techonology
  • Better business organization and users collaboration, productivity increase
  • Management of all business tasks, in or outside the company (i.e. offers, contracts etc. meetings, infrastructure, production etc.)
  • Task assignement to collaborators through follow-ups
  • Progress history follow-up of tasks during their evolution (i.e. pending, solved, rejected etc. through workflows
  • Additional useful information on workflows i.e. notes, attached files, images etc.
  • Personal Calendar - Agenda with all user's assigned tasks with notifications and alerts to remind deadlines, when and what is to be done.
  • Mobility. Access to BPM from mobiles
  • Covers all Clusters ERP and Clusters CRM procedures.