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30+ years of software excellence!

ERGON IRIS was established in 1990 with headquarters in Thessaloniki.

Our exclusive line of products is top quality, high end technology software for companies and institutions in the public and private sector. Through our history, we have had over 1.500 satisfied clients and installations all over the country and abroad.

Our team is composed of outstanding professionals and scientists with long experience and know-how in software development and support services, that guarantee enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our Vision is...

to create a consistent and stable environment for our collaborators, to improve and facilitate their work and help them get better and bigger!

Our mission is ...

Quality, reliability, innovation and satisfaction for our customers and collaborators.

Our news

In addition to the purely cloud solution, we now offer the alternative of installing and operating the Clusters system on your local network (LAN).

The integrated Clusters Cloud system of ERGON IRIS was distinguished at the Cloud Computing Awards 2021 issued annually by BOUSSIAS Communications in order to promote the most innovative technologies, services and applications. Specifically, it received the "Highly Commended" award in the "Best SaaS Product for Enterprises" category, confirming its leading position among Greek cloud applications..

Atlas new version 3.781

It includes treatment of the APD for the Easter Gift with suspension, according to the document of EFKA 200763 / 01-06-2021.

New project in


Balkan Cables Hellas specializes in the manufacture and production of cables. It chose Clusters Cloud to improve the production monitoring and costing process, along with raw material supply needs and scheduled customer-based sales. The system provides a live view of the warehouse, finances and sales, with automatic accounting updates in real time.

New project in

Novalab markets products such as laboratory water analysis equipment, surface tension measuring systems, space condition monitoring systems, scales, reagents, etc. Chose Clusters Cloud because it was looking for an easy-to-use and reliable, with simultaneous control of all stages of the supply and sales chain.

New project in

BBK Construction Development chose Clusters Cloud because it was looking for a complete, easy, flexible and reliable system to improve the computerized monitoring of its projects, both for the economic activity and for the rest of their processes (budgets, actions, documents, etc.).

Atlas new version 3.773

Includes technical improvements to the sending of myDATA documents.

myDATA - Integrated solution

Both of our application series - Clusters ERP and Atlas ERP - integrate the mechanism of sending / receiving documents for the automatic updating of the AADE Electronic Books. In addition, they provide the ability to connect to an online invoicing provider..

Clusters mobile - new version

The new version of Clusters Mobile is released. A complete mobile application that works on modern smartphones. It is your mobile ERP and CRM that incorporates the unique BPM functions of the system. With Clusters Mobile you are in constant contact with the data and actions of your business.

Atlas new version 3.760

The new version mainly includes the implementation of current payroll issues such as the reduction of employees & builders' contributions.


Atlas ERP new version 3.610

This new version resolves new COVID-19 issues of HRM.
Make yours now! The ERP that suits you better!

Integrated and efficient Project Management for any type of projects: Offers, budgets, timeschedule, measurements, project cost control, work progress etc.


Taking into consideration the situation regarding COVID-19 and with our prime concern towards our people's safety we decided to work from home. We exploit the high end technology of Clusters on cloud for all our everyday works, in order to be constantly and efficiently at your service. Contact us:
  • at our email with a short description of your issue and your tel num
  • We will contact you asap!

With simple and flexible features it covers all Property Management procedures for Long, Medium and Short Term Leases.

Clusters won the "Rising Star Software Award 2020" from SoftwareSuggest in the "Cloud ERP with integrated CRM & BPM functionality" category.

E12 form e-CONSTRUCT

Atlas-Personnel Management now incorporates the new feature of file data preparation for the Ε12 form of e-CONSTRUCT, daily and monthly register, for personnel in building construction projects.

New taxation climax for employees

Atlas-Personnel Management is now updated with all necessary features for employees' new taxation calculation and reports.

New Project in

The Construction Company ENERGY 4 YOU GREEN PROJECT I.K.E. operates in the design and construction of projects and products for Rennuable Energy Resources. They invested in high end technology with Clusters for project management and accounting.

New Project in

MERGA has more than 30 years experience in the construction sector with specialization in all kinds of electromechanical projects. Our long collaboration with Atlas ERP lead MERGA to upgrade into Clusters Cloud to comply with the technological transformation.

1. Modern environment in Cloud
2. Data Security
3. Flexibility / Functionality
4. Cost saver investment
5. until the end of 2019, in a Special Offer Price!

Electronic Accounting Books - We are ready!

Ergon Iris, consistent to commitment for high end technology products and solutions, has created its accounting products bridge with the new myData platform, according to ΑΑDΕ authority. The new version including e-invoicing and myData syncronization, will be soon available to our customers.

Clusters for tourism

The ideal, modern cloud tool that combines all Front & Back Office procedures of a hotel under a simple, safe and flexible system. Front Office(Check-In, Check-Out, advance payments, invoicing), Financial Management per sector (rooms, selling points like bars, spa, restaurants, etc), Warehouse Management, POS, Barcodes, QRcodes, Supply Management, Accounting, CRM, Data Analytics & Reporting.

Clusters-Eshop connection

Save time and money, avoid double posting and eliminate data transfer errors. With its link mechanism, Clusters Cloud ERP is synchronized with your eshop items and updated automatically with order and data changes.

Clusters for Commerce

Increase your competitive advantage and your efficiency in the Market with Clusters Cloud.

Clusters mobile

With Clusters Mobile you are in continuous contact with your company's updated data and procedures, while you update in real time the system and your collaborators with your own actions.

Clusters for production

Take full control of production in your hands - materials, recipies, cost control.

New project in

The EPI TOY ERGOY company offers integrated project and investement management solutions. With Clusters they fully upgrade their project management, ERP and CRM procedures and their intracompany procedures.

Clusters for Construction

The Νο1 modern, integrated system for project management and cost control.

Atlas ERP new version 3.211

The new version 3.211 has mainly personnel management new features.

New Project in

TEKO OIKODOMOTECHNIKI VLASOPOULOS in Zakinthos has a long experiance in high quality concrete constructions. They selected Clusters Cloud for their project management, ERP and CRM procedures and their intracompany procedures management.

Clusters Business Software

Wherever you are, with Clusters, work, collaborate, share your ERP, CRM, BPM information in real time.

A long collaboration

After a long collaboration with our Atlas ERP, now MESOGEIOS SA selects ATLAS for its personnel management.

Clusters - Dashboards

With its interaction dashboards, Clusters turns you ERP and CRM data into real time, visual and useful information for

Clusters BPM

Exploit Clusters BPM workflows technology to ensure direct information and efficiency of your personnel and your company.

Atlas ERP new version 3.200

This new version 3.200 includes new subcontractors file creation 3%.

Clusters ERP - 3D Coding

With one and only posting, simultaneous update in accounting and warehouse management and full cost control per unit, project, sector etc.

Atlas ERP new version 3.140

This new version 3.140 includes all upgrades for accounting and HRM regarding annual taxation and revenues for employees.

New project Atlas ERP in ATG - Access To Genome, a leading Genetics Center, with international recognition, operating in the Molecular Genetics, Cellular Genetics and Genetics Consulting Sectors. ERGON IRIS has undertaken the accounting, warehouse and supply management project with special customizations for the collaboration of Atlas ERP with their existing frontdesk application.

Atlas ERP new versioin 3.130

The 3.130 new version includes all necessary upgrades and changes in HRM according to latest legislation reforms.

Atlas ERP new version 3.120

The 3.120 new version includes important updates in the Financial Management, Accounting and Warehouse modules.

Grivalia Properties REIC is a leading Greek Real Estate Investment Company. Grivalia Properties REIC recently chose Atlas ERP for the financial management of its real estate equipment.

HERON RENEWABLE has a great experience in RES projects, both in Greece and abroad. HERON recently chose Atlas ERP for the financial and cost management of its projects as well as its accounting and payroll needs.

ERGOSTIL is a construction company active since 2001 in the execution of a vast spectrum of technical projects in Greece and abroad in the private sector. Subsidiary of the biggest industrial group of Greece.
ERGOSTIL chose Atlas ERP for financial, accounting and supply management of the company and cost control of its projects.

Elivi Resort Skiathos

ERGON IRIS has undertaken the information system of the new ELIVI 5 stars resort with Atlas ERP.
A special customization for the link of Atlas with the front office of the hotel has been undertaken.

Atlas ERP new version 3.060

Released the new version 3.060 with important upgrades and functions mainly of the module of HR & Payroll.

New ΑΕΚ stadium with Atlas

Vagenas Technical company will use Atlas ERP for the management of the new AEK stadium in Athens. Vagenas is using Atlas for the last 10 yrs.

Ionian Green

IONIAN GREEN DEVELOPMENT, active in hospitality development and management has chosen Atlas ERP for its financial management.

Atlas ERP new version 3.040

Includes important upgrades and additional features in the modules Financial Management, Project Management, HR & Payroll.

Collaboration with Livewise

Construction company Livewise has installed Atlas ERP for its financial and supply management.

ΚONKAT Construction

ΚΟΝΚΑΤ exploits Atlas ERP in the last 15 years for its financial and supply management. Recently we have undertaken the project of linking Atlas ERP with Singular's Galaxy which is used as front office in KONKAT's fuel gas stations. This project aims to the everyday secure automated combination of data from the two systems. So Atlas will provide KONKAT with an integrated real-time information flow from its main and secondary activities.

KORIFO Construction

KORIFO Construction company of Corfu has invested in Atlas ERP and its Project Management module for its project management.


GEOAPIKONISI, company in geoinformation has selected Atlas ERP for its business information processing

Collaboration with PI for Brands

PI for Brands advertising company has chosen Atlas ERP for its financial management procedure processing.

Atlas ERP new version 3.010

Includes new integrated CRM functionality, new calendar with workflows functionality for submitting and assigning tasks, and document processing upgrades.

Extended collaboration

After 10 years of successful collaboration, MESOGEIOS decided to extend Atlas ERP beyond financial & accounting management, with the module of supplies management.

New Site!

Our new, modern and functional, greek and english site travels on internet!

Atlas ERP new version 2.690

Includes new upgrades in Cost Control, Supply Management, Production Management and HR and payroll. Also new add-ins in Atlas ERP Construction.

Atlas Hospitality

Front & Back office together!

New Atlas ERP in hospitality now available with front office reservations and complete back office, all in one.

Atlas Healthcare

New Atlas ERP in healthcare, a valuable tool that organizes and delivers best services to patients, without losing the control of business!
Atlas Healthcare helps you organize & control units and procedures throughout business; patient reservations, supply, accounting, personnel, cost control, time management, document processing, business intelligence.
New Greek Financial Reporting Standards: Atlas ERP fully upgraded according to the new Greek Standards.